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The list below contain the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers to them. If you have a question that is not answered below then please contact us directly.

What does it cost to get a US address through Shop USA?

Our Shop USA mailing address is absolutely free and provides you a valid US address that you can use to receive merchandise and packages. All you pay for is the shipping charges for your packages. Unlike many other package forwarding companies, we don’t charge any monthly or annual fees.

We also offer a number of paid subscription plans that provide even greater discounts on shipping as well as additional services.

Will you accept merchandise sent to me by merchants and individuals?

Yes! That’s exactly what Shop USA is set up for. Provided you have a valid account with us, we will receive packages sent to your Shop USA address from any shipping company.

How do I register for an address and how long does it take it get one?

Click here to visit the registration page, after completing the registration, we will provide you with a detailed email containing your new US address as well as information on how to use your online account to track your packages. Your address is activated immediately and you can use it right away to have merchandise and packages sent to us on your behalf.

We do not require a credit card to register an account/address, however, we do require valid payment information before we can forward any packages to you. NB the free address is for merchandise and packages only.

How do I use my new US address when purchasing merchandise?

Simply use your Shop USA address as the shipping address when you make a purchase from any US retailer. Several US retailers offer free shipping to US addresses. Ensure that the name you use to purchase the merchandise is the same name as one of the individuals registered on your account.

It’s advisable that you add your Shop USA address as a secondary address on your credit card account to ensure that the credit card you use accepts the "ship to" address of your new address without issues in your payment process.

What happens when Shop USA receives packages addressed to me?

When we receive your shipment, we will immediately enter your package into our online warehouse system and thus you should be able to see your package within your account. Depending on the time of day we receive your package, your package is shipped out either the same business day or the very next business day.

Remember that when purchasing several items from different retailers, we are able to consolidate all of these packages and ship them to you using the most cost-effective packaging.

I want to order several items and take advantage of package consolidation, how does that work?

Within your online account you can let us know that you want the packages held until they all arrive. When we receive all the packages you specify, we will consolidate them into the most cost-effective package and immediately ship to you. This will help to drastically reduce your shipping costs.

How do I know what's in my mailbox? Do you have an online customer tracking system?

Each of our customers has an account on our website. This account enables you to have complete visibility over all of your packages and their current status, as well as the ability to inform us of incoming packages and to review your shipment history. You will receive your unique username and password upon registration on this Shop USA.

How long will it take to receive my merchandise? How often do you ship packages?

Unless you instruct us to hold your packages for consolidation, we will ship your package the next business day after receiving it (and sometimes the very same day we receive it). We will provide you a tracking number for each package this will allow you to view the status of the package at all times while in transit.

How do I estimate the shipping weight?

The shipping weight is calculated as the higher of either the actual weight (in kilo grams) or the dimensional weight.

The actual weight is the weight of the box on a scale. Most websites allow you to calculate the weight of the box during the shopping cart process prior to actually purchasing an item. You can also get a rough estimation based on the specifications of the item, and factoring the weight of the box and packaging materials.

Dimensional weight (often referred to as DIMS weight) is calculated by multiplying the dimensions of the box in inches (Height x Weight x Depth) and dividing by 139. For packages that are especially large, but weigh relatively little, this can be a significant difference from the actual weight. Whichever weight is greater will be used to determine the shipping charges.

Do your shipping rates include custom fees, tariffs or taxes?

The Shop USA shipping rates are for delivery. There may be additional import fees or duty for specific merchandise according to your country's specific laws and regulations, as well as fees charged for customs clearance. These fees vary by country and are not covered by Shop USA. Please contact your local customs office for more information on duties and import fees.

How do I pay for shipping?

We maintain your preferred method of payment and we charge you the appropriate shipping charge upon shipping your item(s). We offer several methods of payment to meet your needs, to include international credit card and Paypal. You will receive a detailed invoice from Shop USA prior to shipping, as well as a confirmation email that your package has shipped.

You must maintain a valid means of payment on record with us, or there will be significant delay in forwarding the contents of your mailbox. If you have specific payment requirements (ie, you don't have a credit card, etc) please contact us directly and we can provide alternative payment methods to fit your needs. We work with clients throughout all parts of the world, so chances are we have a payment solution for you.

What will my US address look like?

Once you have completed the registration, you will receive your US address. All Shop USA addresses take the form of:

4321 Cagen House

Green Lane West

New Yourk


United States

If you require a telephone number for the retailer, you’re welcome to use the Shop USA depot telephone number: +000 000 000000.

How do I order from US companies who do not accept payment from international customers?

We offer a personal shopper service to solve this issue. For instances where international payments are not accepted, Shop USA will buy the goods directly and ship them to your destination address. Please get in touch with customer services if you can't see the facility in your account details on the website. For this service, we charge 10% of the value of the goods.

Where can I see what can and cannot be forwarded to my destination address?

Please see the menu for prohibited/restricted items. If you’re still not sure, contact our customer services team.

Do you charge for storage?

Customers receive 30 days of free storage for each package received. After 30 days storage is charged at 0.50 per package received per day.


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